Art Quest: Behance ,what is and how it works?

Mission Statement: Behance , part of the Adobe family, is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. How to get Started Quick Guide: Creative people around the world […]

Yoshi Kametani – PLAYED

Played represents the first solo project by Yoshi Kametani following his recent successful collaborations with Daisuke Yokota and IPG Project. A conceptual work in the form of a hybrid book (part photobook, part novella) based on events that take place in the criminal underworld of New York City. The protagonist, bored with his mundane existence and day to day routine, decides […]

Olivier Pin-Fat – PABAIGA

Pabaiga by Olivier Pin-Fat presents a crucible of various darkroom processing and analog printing techniques. Working solely with analog materials, often outdated, Pin-Fat’s work  attempts to shift the image or aesthetic either during the film processing stage or in the darkroom with the photographic print itself. The result of an artist residency with Kaunas Gallery in […]

Younés Klouche – ORPHÉE

Orphée by Younès Klouche is a photobook inspired by the similarly titled film from 1950 by Jean Cocteau, itself a reinterpretation of the classic Greek myth of Orpheus. Cocteau’s film features simple but ingenious special effects and explores the symbolism of mirrors as a representation of death. In Klouche’s book, mirrors and visual mirroring feature not […]

Hesperios #1 – Eudaimonia

An annual two volume art and literary journal, Hesperios is an anthology of classic and contemporary art and literature. Each issue presents collections of works by both celebrated and emerging artists. The hesperios journal is designed not only to be a collectors item, but also as a means to discover new artists, cultivate curiosity, and […]

Mincho # 12

With his series of books on cities and countries, the Czech illustrator Miroslav Sasek became a point of reference, fuelling curiosity in a period in which travelling was at the reach of very few people. But, our perception of the city has changed greatly since the late 1950s. Our cover artist, the architect and artist […]

Even #6

Even, a new magazine about contemporary art. Even takes a systematic look at contemporary art. We publish long-form articles, ranging from in-depth monographic studies to broad analysis of art and its institutions. We feature distinctive, expansive reviews that take in multiple exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide. The sixth issue of Even is an uncommonly […]

Fathers Quarterly #1

A unique combination of a book and a magazine developed in accordance with the idea of “slow journalism”. It is full of timeless content related to the areas of conscious fatherhood, culture, travels and lifestyle. Great photography and illustrations match up with interviews, reports, essays, and feature articles. First, pilot issue of Fathers magazine. 144 pages of inspiring […]

Massimo Leardini – CATARSI

Less images of visual phenomena than of perception itself, Catarsi by Massimo Leardini presents a world beyond the depicted. Dreamlike images and harmonious structures of glowing greys are firmly rooted in an underexposed narrative extracted from the realms of the photographer’s seaside hometown of Cattolica in Italy. A personal horizon of infinite Adriatic sea and […]

Gross #1 – Introduction

A new publication with a fresh take on design methodology filled with exclusive photos, intriguing interviews, stories and hand placed stickers, featuring emerging and established artists from around the world. Each publication contains 20 embedded, high-quality, custom die-cut artist’s stickers that reveal hidden content when peeled, including alternate images, GPS coordinates and block quotes. The […]