Duster UA – In The Scene That He Helped To Shape Decades Before

Duster or Dusty or Dust born in USA in the city of New York and comes from the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, his name was drugs (Angel Dust) seemed liked a cool thing combined with the car duster (Plymouth Duster), legendary graffiti writer Duster UA gained world-wide recognition as Seen’s protege in the seminal graffiti documentary Style Wars from 1983.

He is responsible for some of the most historic wholecars ever painted on the New York City subways, immortalized in the pages of Subway Art. And since then has been largely reclusive. Duster has recently surfaced and has been more active and involved in the graffiti scene he left behind decades ago. Check out the sweet panel piece he painted at Tuff City alongside Ces and Key.

When the UA was founded It started on the West Side and somehow made its way to the East Side of the Bronx and SEEN was in it with a few others. Back then he wasn’t even trying to be in no clique. He just wanted to paint trains. Just seemed to me that SEEN just kept showing up at the same time as me so it just came to be.He is grew up a stone’s throw away from the 6 line and got to watch the trains every day, so his being an artist and growing up with a few in the family His just thought it would be fun [to paint on trains]. Train yards were not far, and His just knew he’d do a better job than what was already being put up [on the trains]. Then you grow up and bills need to be paid. Train yards were being attacked at all ends by anyone who could find a can of paint thanks to Style Wars.

He left for California and found some freight trains, but it wasn’t the same so He started tattooing on Hollywood Blvd., and was pretty much busy doing that for years. Next He started growing marijuana for medical use only and now he’s back in New York to try and get that going here, but with style.

His achievements and profile led to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art purchasing a Duster work. Duster continues to exhibit around the world, becoming increasingly more recognised for his role in the scene he helped to shape decades before.


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