Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: – Face2Face with Graffiti Legends

In this article we will show you the interviews made to the greatest graffiti’s legends of the New York scene that have made history from the 70’s to today, all the footage collected in three simple videos.

Part 1:

[with Skuf,Daze,Chino,Ket,Cope2,JA,Futura,Noxer,VFR,Kaws etc.]

Part 2:

Part 3 (Final):

The game:

‘Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contest under pressure’ is a video game released in February 2006 for PlayStation 2, XBox and Microsoft Windows, developed by The Collective and distributed by Atari. It was also released on the Steam digital platform in December 2013. The game revolves around Trane, a “writer” who exploits graffiti as a form of protest against the city of New Radius, where every form of expression is suppressed by a town government dystopian.

Many kids at the first attempt to play this video game have begun to leave their brand somewhere, playing and absorbing so much knowledge that this masterpiece gives some players to date, and have become in turn driven by the desire to color any surface, Big worldwide bomber.


The story begins in the extreme periphery of New Radius, where Trane, against her grandmother’s will, goes home to start a career as a graffiti. His first goal is to make himself known in his neighborhood. Her initial gestures reveal the state of New Radius, caused by Mayor Sung’s attempt to gentrify the city to make it prosper. He oppressed the poorest class by subtracting budgets to address it in other “lucrative” city industries, using CCK to keep protests by force. Soon Trane clashes with the New Radius vandals, commanded by a boy named Gabe. Trane, driven by the will to get the most visibility possible, gets through graffiti on the Metro wagons, thus succeeding in showing his graffiti to much of the city and, above all, to VaNR members. Subsequently, Trane defeats Gabe in a graffiti race and, albeit reluctant, decides to create an alliance between Trane’s new crew, SFCs, and VaNRs to face the city government. Shortly after, Trane is beaten by Decoy, a graffitier who carries it to his dungeon. Here he reveals facts about his father and his involvement with Sung. He reports that he paid his father to assassinate a rival candidate for the Mayor’s chair, and that his graffiti suppression work would be just a pretext for making graffitiers like Decoy manage to divulge the news. Thus, Decoy began to embroider the city with posters saying “9/06”, which would be the date Sung ordered the removal of Trane’s father to avoid being discovered. Trane decides even more than before carrying out his revolution by heading north of New Radius, the least affected by graffiti and considered by Sung as the bastion of his city cleaning campaign. During one of the raids, however, Gabe betrays Trane under the threat of being killed by Shanna, an assassin of the NRN emancipation who takes advantage of recent events to bring out interesting news. This brings the Lower New Radius area to being “attacked” by CCK forces, while Decoy is shot and killed by a NRN murderer as well as Shanna’s lover. Trane, vowing revenge, plans a defamatory campaign against Sung by printing thousands of fugitives who incriminate him for the assassination of a rival candidate, throwing them from a dirty during New Year’s Eve. Trane has the best on Shanna in a fight between the two – albeit not killing her – and he can launch the flyers. Sung resigns to the tails. Despite the battle to overthrow the mayor, Trane is not over yet for freedom and will continue to draw graffiti to keep the city of New Radius always in the cause.

 In the game there are several famous real-time graffitiers: Cope2, Futura 2000, Obey, Seen, T-Kid, and Sane Smith.

Trailer 1:

Trailer Official:

Marc Ecko’s Interview about the project:

Marc Ecko has also been interviewed about the video game

The video game also contains a commemorative soundtrack where we can find artists like:

  • Roots Manuva

  • RJD2

  • Pharoahe Monch

  • Liquid Liquid

  • Biggie Smalls/Serj Tankian

  • Bloc Party

  • Nina Simone

  • Mobb Deep

  • Big Mama Thorton

  • Janes Addiction

  • Del Tha Funky Homosapien

  • Rakim

  • Talib Kweli and many more…

On February 14, 2013, Ecko Unlimited announces on Twitter that a sequel is under development. There are no more ads to date.

[Source: Y.S.C.]

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