T-KID 170 -The Nasty Terrible T-KID 170

Julius Cavero AKA T-KID or Terrible T-KID 170 is graffiti artist from the Bronx, New York, he started in the 1980s, tagging the name “King 13” every time he’d win a challenge, performing daredevil tricks on swings in local parks. He was a short lived member of a gang called the Bronx Enchanters and The Renegades of Harlem, where he learned how to paint trains.

He later became the president of TNB (The Nasty Boyz) and ex-president of TVS (The Vamp Squad), one of the most notorious New York graffiti crews. T-KID is still active and his work can be seen in the Bronx as well as around the world. He is also a member of MAC crew from Paris. T-Kid was originally asked to be the narrator for the Hip-Hop documentary Style Wars but he declined.
T-Kid 170 is probably the last writer in the lineage of the TDS, TFP, and IND’s stylemasters.
T KID became famous for his unique lettering and illustration style learned from such masters as Tracy 168 and Padre Dos in the 1970s and started evolving into his own style in the ’80s. His ability to draw helped him immensely when he started competing with European writers through the ’90s. He continues to paint around the world.


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