Sane Smith – The Most Persistent Taggers in New York

Sane Smith were originally two brothers from Manhattan,composed of David Smith (“Sane“) and his brother Roger Smith (“Smith“), active during the 1990s. Sane & Smith were among the most persistent taggers in New York during the 1990s who made a conscious effort to get up in the most obscure spots in New York, as well […]

SALSA Crew – SCHICK – WASP ONE – KROME 100 – FDT 56 – OZ 109 – WHIZ 3 – PAX – SHADOW – HOY 56 – BOC – AT aka SAVE THE WORKER – RISK I – MAX 1 – MITCH 77 – LEFTY – COCO 174 – BLUE BEARD 183 – LUIS 176 – BIN aka ED 167 – GAME 5

-SALSA Crew- Salsa crew started around 1976, with members FDT-56, KROME 100, OZ 109, BLUEBREAD 183, LUIS 176, WHIZ 3, MITCH 77, GAME 5, WASP ONE and PAX. The Crew was called SALSA because Schick belive that the original members wanted a name that represented their latin culture. The crew was most active during the […]

Zephyr – One Of Key Cogwheels In The Mechanism Of The Early Graffiti Scene Of New York City

ZEPHYR , born Andrew Witten, is a graffiti artist, lecturer and author from New York City, Manhattan. He began creating graffiti in 1975 and first signed using the name ” Zephyr ” in 1977. He has been identified as a graffiti “elder”, who along with Futura 2000, Blade, PHASE 2, CASH, Lady Pink and TAKI […]

Miniature aka Min One – The Unlikliest King Of The City

Wayne ” Min One ” Kosmin born in the 1964 in New York In the Usa, ” Miniature “ aka ” Min One ” aka ” Ne ” is a writer from the early age of graffiti in New-York and his Neighborhood is Manhattan has been dubbed the unlikliest king of the city. He started […]

Haze aka Se3 – On The Streets of Manhattan’s

Haze started out as a graffiti writer in 1972 on the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Tagging the walls and subways of New York City he was using the name “SE3”, before adopting the identity of “Haze”. Collaborating with crews such as RTW and Soul Artists, Haze established his name at New York scene […]