Blade – Icon of the New York City and a Hero-Figure

Steven D. Ogburn, better known as Blade or Steve, a famed New York-based street artist and a proud owner of the title King of Graffiti since he painted over five thousand trains with his striking characters. Famous for his whole cars, he became an icon of the New York City and a hero-figure for the […]

Chino BYI – Historian Of Classic New York Hip-Hop culture

David “Chino” Villorente aka Chino BYI is the old-school graffiti artist and subsequent historian of classic New York graffiti culture  was among those who rose to the top with his determination and style. Chino bombing career subsequently helped pave the way for a successful run in music, writing, and publishing and he continued to paint […]

T-KID 170 -The Nasty Terrible T-KID 170

Julius Cavero AKA T-KID or Terrible T-KID 170 is graffiti artist from the Bronx, New York, he started in the 1980s, tagging the name “King 13” every time he’d win a challenge, performing daredevil tricks on swings in local parks. He was a short lived member of a gang called the Bronx Enchanters and The […]

Sane Smith – The Most Persistent Taggers in New York

Sane Smith were originally two brothers from Manhattan,composed of David Smith (“Sane“) and his brother Roger Smith (“Smith“), active during the 1990s. Sane & Smith were among the most persistent taggers in New York during the 1990s who made a conscious effort to get up in the most obscure spots in New York, as well […]

TRAP IF – The Bomber of New York City

TRAP writing since 1979. He started in his neighborhood in Queens, New York. The first tag  was a light pole on his block.Trap, not to be confused with his Style Wars counterpart, is one of the most significant writers in the history of New York graffiti. His signature mark, a hybrid of the classic throw-up and […]

Noc 167 – The Greatest Stylemaster

Melvin Samuels, Jr. AKA Noc 167 AKA Boy Five was born in Manhattan in 1961 and grew up in the Bronx throughout the 60’s and 70’s. His mother was an administrator in the Lindsay Administration. Melvin went to John F. Kennedy High School on 225th Street in the North Bronx. While in high school, he […]

Tattoo: All styles and that all you need to know

American Traditional Tattoo (Old School): Popularized by Tattooist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins in the 1930s, this style is based on bold, clean black outlines and a minimal, well saturated color palette consisting mainly of primary colors.  Traditional imagery typically consists of skulls, roses, and daggers.   Neo-Traditional: Neo-traditional is a more modern twist on American […]

SALSA Crew – SCHICK – WASP ONE – KROME 100 – FDT 56 – OZ 109 – WHIZ 3 – PAX – SHADOW – HOY 56 – BOC – AT aka SAVE THE WORKER – RISK I – MAX 1 – MITCH 77 – LEFTY – COCO 174 – BLUE BEARD 183 – LUIS 176 – BIN aka ED 167 – GAME 5

-SALSA Crew- Salsa crew started around 1976, with members FDT-56, KROME 100, OZ 109, BLUEBREAD 183, LUIS 176, WHIZ 3, MITCH 77, GAME 5, WASP ONE and PAX. The Crew was called SALSA because Schick belive that the original members wanted a name that represented their latin culture. The crew was most active during the […]

Duster UA – In The Scene That He Helped To Shape Decades Before

Duster or Dusty or Dust born in USA in the city of New York and comes from the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, his name was drugs (Angel Dust) seemed liked a cool thing combined with the car duster (Plymouth Duster), legendary graffiti writer Duster UA gained world-wide recognition as Seen’s protege in the seminal […]

Quik – Racial Tensions And Social Inequalities

Lin ‘ QUIK ‘ Felton is a painter of African American descent born in Queens, NY 1958. QUIK as a subway graffiti painter was recognized for his satirical and arrogant comic imagery, as well as the ability to post his tag and masterpieces upon each subway line numbering in the thousands.At the age of ten, […]