Haze aka Se3 – On The Streets of Manhattan’s

Haze started out as a graffiti writer in 1972 on the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Tagging the walls and subways of New York City he was using the name “SE3”, before adopting the identity of “Haze”. Collaborating with crews such as RTW and Soul Artists, Haze established his name at New York scene […]

IZ the Wiz – The King Of New York City

Michael “Iz the Wiz” Martin (November 30, 1958 – June 17, 2009) was one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the New York graffiti movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Martin was from the New York City borough of Queens, a Rockaway Beach native. Beginning in 1972, he became a long reigning […]

The Fabulous 5 Crew ” TF5 ” – DIRTY SLUG – BOB – BLUD – DEL – DOC 109 – FRED – LEE – MONO 105.2 – OG2 – PROF 165 – SLAVE – SON

-The Fabulous 5 Crew- The Fab 5ive or ” TF5 ” was the most admired whole car crew in New York City. Fab 5 was unique in several ways. First, once the base membership was established they did not recruit. Secondly, many of the main members were from Staten Island which is disconnected from the […]